Fortnite Season 6 Has Been Teased…


Fortnite season five is coming to a conclusion. It was a very interesting season full of unexpected twist and events that no one really saw coming. And Epic is continuing this train of interesting and abnormal ideas. They have finally showed the first teaser image for what season six will be based around. Let me tell you, this one is going to be interesting:


So it seems the theme is futuristic…loot llamas? I am honestly not sure what is happening in this timeline of events. What we can gather from this more than anything is that the theme for sure is based in futuristic setting. But what caused this warp in timeline? Could it have anything to do with the giant cube of death named Kevin who became apart of Loot Lake? Who knows. Here is a good theory that I found online that could possibly be true:

“I think the llamas get revenge and turn the bright bomber evil. They then use the energy in Loot Lake to power their club which is the middle house in Look Lake. This causes it to explode and transform a volcano which causes a global warming and snow appears near Greasy Grove and Viking Hill.

This seems like a wild idea, but who knows what it going to happen when season 6 comes. Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned here at DLGN!


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