Red Dead Redemption 2 Top 5 NEW Details….

Holy Cow, There Is A Lot To Talk About!

I was hoping that yesterday, Rockstar would have released the second gameplay trailer we have all been dying for. Instead we got gifted with something even more informational. The embargo was lifted for networks and people who were able to play the game early. This had led to a grand amount of new information to have been released. IGN actually did a list of 79 details that they discovered while playing Red Dead Redemption for two hours. I will list a few of my favorites here:

1) Arthur’s facial hair grows in the game’s real-time, and his options when styling it depend on how long it’s gotten — just like facial hair in real life.

2) Arthur will visibly lose or gain weight depending on how much food he eats.

3) Hold up on the D-pad while aiming and Arthur will fire a warning shot in the air, which can be used to attract the attention of other characters or startle an animal he’s hunting.

4) Arthur can swim (but not very well).

5) There are lots of weapon crafting options: so far we’ve seen molotovs (known as fire bottles), split-point bullets and ‘improved’ ammo for guns, as well as ‘improved’, fire, and small game arrows for a bow.

6) You can customize weapons at the gunsmith. Upgrades include longer and rifled barrels or improved iron-sights, plus you can add etchings and engraving to both the metal casing and the handle of a weapon.

7) The game is packed with subtle visual effects, like heat haze from a pair of gelding tongs causing the characters standing behind it to shimmer; condensation from the breath of humans and horses in the snow; and the soft glow of super-heated bullet impacts from lead slamming against an armored train carriage.

8) You can pat dogs. Those dogs won’t bark at you again if you see them.

9) You can shoot off someone’s hat and then steal it. Enemies can shoot your hat off.

10) Kill cams are impacted by your honor. If you play honorably, the camera on a kill replay will focus on Arthur. If you’re dishonorable, it’ll focus on the kill, and represent it in a more intense way. The less honor you have, the less visible Arthur will be in the background of the camera view.

This article has so many amazing details that I wish I could just post them all. This game seems to be trying to achieve a level of realism and detail that not even the likes of the Witcher 3 has achieved. There are many different networks that have come out talking about their time with the game and what they have experienced from it. So to save you some time, I have watched all the ones I could find and have decided to make list of my top five new details we have discovered from this embargo lift. So here we go!

1. Gore and Dismemberment Have Totally Been Confirmed

Man, people have been super concerned about the gore amount for this game. The first Red Dead Redemption had a pretty good amount of blood and gore in it. If you shot someone in the head it would leave a huge enter and exit wound from the bullet. And that was pretty much the extent to the level of gore. But from all the trailers we have seen, determining if whether the gore factor was returning was very hard to figure out. But thanks to this video, our fears can be put to rest:

At ‘2:30’ in this video one of the guys mentions that the representative that was showcasing the game for them told them that shotguns will actually blow people’s arms off! Now it is safe to say if you can blow arms off than you can more than likely blow legs off as well. This was actually confirmed from another article where it states:

While Red Dead Redemption 2 will allow players to interact with the world in non-violent ways, that doesn’t mean Rockstar has scaled back the mayhem.

We didn’t get to see it at preview, but the game’s shotguns allow Arthur Morgan to blow heads, arms, and legs clean off. For when an NPC really annoys you.

-from vg247 Link to full article

Holy cow, blowing heads off? That is a whole other level! No one has actually seen this gore in action yet but if the representatives from Rockstar are telling you it is a thing than I wouldn’t doubt it. This would explain this picture I posted in a previous article:


What is probably happening here is the guys arm is being shot off! It all makes sense now!

2. You Can Actually Gain and Lose Weight

This is so awesome and surprising to hear. I don’t think it will be on the levels of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas though. In San Andreas, you can make your character extremely fat and then workout and run it all off to make him skinny again. I don’t know to what extreme it will go to in Red Dead Redemption 2, but it has been said that your stamina will be lower when Arthur is bigger. You will also have lowered stamina if you do not eat and sleep, similar to real life. These features are truly incredible for a game and I cannot wait to experiment with this system.

3. Hair and It’s Features

Yeah, I know I didn’t know how to title this one without making the sentence to long. Basically, Arthur’s hair grows in real-time. You can have a huge, bushy, untrimmed beard and decide to chop it all off. But when you cut it off you can’t just go back and switch it back to a full beard. You actually have to wait in-game time for it to grow back to its original size. This works for Arthur’s hair as well. You have to go to a barber shop to get a haircut. What is great is the styles you can get are dependent on the amount of hair you actually have. You can’t just magically grow a giant pony tail if you have short hair. Instead, you have to wait for it to grow to that length. This is once again a feature that is trying to blend game play and realism seamlessly. I can’t wait to see what haircut options Arthur will have.


4. You Can Play The Whole Game In First Person Mode

This one is really exciting! I remember when they announced first person mode for Grand Theft Auto V, I was truly blown away. It wasn’t a perfect mode, as it made strafing and controls all around kind of annoying. But the level of immersion while in first person was just amazing. This time, Rockstar has really reworked the system and hopefully everything will work smoothly and coherently.

5. The Honor System Will Truly Affect The Game

The honor system is going to dynamically impact your game play experience in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Different actions will cause different reactions from people. If you robbed someone, and come back to that town a week later they will remember you and act accordingly. One instance that someone from IGN experienced was really interesting. He walked up to two men in a town and this is how the conversation played out:

Man 1: Hey, this is the fella I was telling you about!

Man 2: Who?

Man 1: Well, this man saved my life by sucking out the poison from that rattle snake that bit me. You know what? You can have a free item from shop!

This man he saved was actually the gun shop owner. Rockstar commented that this would not necessarily have happened if he had not been here at this time. These events are dynamic and your honor comes in to play. For example if you were dishonorable, even though you saved him he wouldn’t offer the free item. But since this save the character was on the honorable path this occurred. It will be interesting to see what other events play out depending on your honor. Another game play feature that is affected by your honor is the new kill cam. Here is what IGN had to say about this new addition:

Kill cams are impacted by your honor. If you play honorably, the camera on a kill replay will focus on Arthur. If you’re dishonorable, it’ll focus on the kill, and represent it in a more intense way. The less honor you have, the less visible Arthur will be in the background of the camera view.

I am actually very excited to see this new kill cam in action. I loved the slow mo effects from Max Payne 3 on kills. So to see something like this implemented and it dynamically change will be very cool.

Pump Action

It seems that Rockstar has integrated all the best parts of their games into one awesome package. I cannot wait to play this game and get some more info as we some-what patiently wait for its release! Thanks for reading and be sure to stayed tuned at DLGN!



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