Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta Is Coming….

…After Red Dead Redemption 2 Initially Releases


This highly anticipated western, Red Dead Redemption 2, will of course be having an online component, Red Dead Online. With the success of Grand Theft Auto Online, I would be astonished if Rockstar did not have plans for a multiplayer mode. But different from GTA Onlines initial release, Rockstar is stating that the Red Dead Online is releasing as a beta. And it will be coming out some time in November! This is a similar fashion to GTA Online with its staggered release from when the game launched.

But Why A Beta?


Rockstar is playing it safe this time around with their online mode. When GTA online first launched it was a mess for a good part of almost a year. Through this time they were fixing things and adding new missions as well. Rockstar actually stated they did not really know where GTA online was going until heist where introduced. They now have what they believe is formula to bring Rockstar game storytelling to the multiplayer formula. So this “Beta” is just them saying “Hey, we know things are going to be broken and we don’t know where we want to take this whole thing. But please be patient and hang in there until it is officially released.” I think there is no problem with online being delayed. I am going to want to finish the story first before I even think of jumping into online. And the extra time will hopefully get everything ready for we posse up and traverse the open frontier together!

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