Rockstar Gives A Peak At The Towns Of Red Dead Redemption 2…

This Is Only A Glimpse At The Extensive Landmarks Of Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games official twitter decided to tweet out some very interesting information on September 17th. Of course it wasn’t the game play trailer we all have been waiting for. But thank goodness it was not another Grand Theft Auto Online advertisement. Instead, they decided to tweet out some information about the towns we will be exploring come October 26th! Here is the tweet:

Clicking the link will take you to the official website for Red Dead Redemption 2. Here we get a first look at some of the towns across this open, wild frontier.


The Heartlands, NH


A raucous, rough-and-tumble town in the Heartlands, Valentine’s livestock auctions attract traders, ranchers, cowboys, gamblers, outlaws and prostitutes from far and wide, all looking to make some money, raise some hell, and have a good time.

This seems to be a place similar to Armadillo from RDR1. I believe we also get a glimpse of this place in the gameplay trailer when Arthur is thrown out of the window into the mud. I also think we get a sight of this town towards the end of the gameplay trailer when Arthur uses his dead eye ability to take out three enemies.


Roanoke Ridge, NH


Life isn’t easy for the miners and their families in Annesburg, which has been providing coal up and down the Lannahechee River for almost a century. Working conditions are terrible for little pay, and many men have lost their lives down the pit.

The picture above has me pretty excited actually. This is a mining town, so of course there is going to be a mine shaft and everything included. But this town features something we haven’t really seen a lot of in Red Dead Redemption. And that is vertical heights when it comes to towns. This town seems to possibly be featuring multiple heights and a more open and dynamic lay out. This is a very exciting discovery.


Bayou NWA, LE

Saint Dennis

A key gateway into North America with a trade route that runs the length of the country, the bustling city of Saint Denis is a melting pot of cultures and people where businessmen, socialites, sailors, laborers, beggars and thieves all live side by side.

This place looks amazing. This looks like one of the towns that had merged to the new day and age. It has electricity and factories and seems to be a more “civilized” area. Can’t wait to explore this town!


Grizzlies, AM

Mount Haggens

One of the more well-known peaks in the snowy Grizzlies of Ambarino, Mount Hagen towers above Lake Isabella to the west and Beartooth Beck to the east, which provides the main pass through the western mountain range and joins up with the Dakota River further south.

This place looks really interesting. It seems to be more of an outpost rather than a town. I wonder if it is occupied by an enemy gang? This would give context to the image above. Speaking of which look at this image:


People are worried that Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to lack the same amount of gore and blood that the original had. I think this image should put those doubts out the window, because holy cow that is A LOT of blood! It even stains the snow and splatters! I believe Rockstar are just playing it safe with showing the amount of blood and gore. But this is for sure a good sign of things to come!


Scarlett Meadows, LE


Prim and proper on the surface, tensions and corruption run deep in the Southern town of Rhodes, which for years has been caught in the crossfire between the Braithwaites and the Grays, two warring plantation families.

This place sounds like it will have a lot going on underneath the surface. There are two plantations that are trying to take each other out. It will be interesting to see if you can actually join a side and complete quest to help take the other plantation out.


Big Valley, WE


Strawberry was little more than a small logging town until the arrival of its new mayor, an East Coast eccentric, who is obsessed with transforming it into a cultural beacon for wealthy tourists, much to the bemusement of the locals.

This is a logging town so the town will be mainly working class people. But the mention of a new mayor is very interesting. The locals seem to be confused and upset about him trying to attract wealthy tourist. I wonder if there will be an uprising against this mayor due to the changes he is trying to make.


Bayou NWA, LE


A small, remote settlement out in the swamps of Bayou Nwa, Lemoyne, the people of Lagras live self-sufficiently for the most part, making a little money here and there from fishing and acting as guides for travelers wishing to navigate the region.

The images for this place are very interesting. We can clearly see that Arthur is walking through the water, which is great news. In the first Red Dead, if you stepped a foot in the water you died. So this hopefully means the possibility of swimming is still out there. Also take a look at this image:


It looks like that is Arthur inside the canoe. This is possibly the evidence that you can use boats! Hopefully it isn’t just inside this one location. We will find out soon though!

Thank you guys for reading and let me know what you guys think of these new images and towns! Stay tuned here at DLGN!


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