Animal Crossing Is Coming To The Switch…

Finally! Get Your Bells Together For This One!

Holy cow, it is official guys! Go ahead and go nuts because Animal Crossing is coming to the Switch in 2019!


This was my face when I thought that they were not going to announce Animal Crossing. During the Nintendo Direct Live stream, we got a teaser that drove everyone wild. Here is what got everyone hyped:

So you can imagine how everyone felt when it was just an announcement for Isabelle joining the Smash roster. I won’t lie, I cried out of disappointment. Although Smash is going to be amazing, I really just wanted a new Animal Crossing game. Or even just a port of New Leaf. That is when my hopes and dreams were solidified when they showed this trailer:

Yeah that’s right, a brand new Animal Crossing is coming in 2019. And with this announcement, the internet is going crazy. So now we just wait and collectively lose ours minds wondering what time next year this game is going to come out. Thanks for reading and stay tuned here at DLGN!




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