Twitch Streamer “Dr. Disrespect’s” House Shot At Mid-Stream…

He and His Family Are Safe, But This Has Happened Two Days In A Row

What kind of society to we live in today? Professional Twitch streamer, Dr. Disrespect, was live streaming some Call of Duty Blackout Mode, when he began to appear alarmed. We hear a loud pop noise, which we find out later was the gunshot. He immediately took off to investigate what the noise was. About a minute passes and he comes back to let viewers know he is ending the stream short due to this occurrence. And what is worse is that this is the second day in a row that this has happened!

Here is a video of when it happened live:

This is absolutely terrible and I am very thankful that him and his family are okay. This man is entertaining us for a living. Like him or not, no one should ever have to feel that unsafe in their own house. I hope whoever is doing this is caught and brought the highest punishment they can receive for this. These people are shooting at his house, their intent is to try to harm and possibly kill Dr. Disrespect or his family. It seems he is taking this with the utmost seriousness and hopefully it never occurs again. Thank you for taking this time to read and stay tuned here at DLGN!



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