Black Ops 4 Blackout Mode Is Going To Change Call Of Duty Forever…

If You Had Doubts About A Call Of Duty Battle Royale Leave Them At The Door…

I will be the first to admit it, but I was skeptical. When I heard that Call of Duty was trying to jump onto the bandwagon of the increasingly overly saturated genre known as Battle Royales, I scoffed at the idea. I thought, how would that even work? The time to kill is so quick and the gun play is so fast paced that it couldn’t possibly be enjoyable. Now I am not saying I am an expert of Call of Duty, but I have been playing Call of Duty since Call of Duty: World At War, which released almost ten years ago! I remember ten-year old me coming home from school everyday and teaming up with buddies from school and playing all night until mom told me to get off. It was a much simpler time. But I say this to translate to the fact that I have seen the Call of Duty series shift and modernize into what it is today. In the past, the series has taken some unexpected turns. I remember when they announced Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and everyone was blown away by the movement being shifted with jet packs and jump boost. Now in the year 2018, the franchise is aware that the majority of players do not enjoy jump backs and would prefer boots on the ground game play. But now Call of Duty is trying to merge into a new genre they have never delved into. A new mode where 80 players drop into a map and the last one alive is crowned winner. Here is what I think of the Black Ops 4: Blackout mode!

First Match Impressions Of the Black Out Mode

Like I said I was very skeptical when diving into this. When loaded in, I was created with a flaming menu screen with my character standing in the middle of all these flames. From here you can either change your character or start a game in one of the three modes: Solo, Duos, or Squads. Since all my friends are busy, I went ahead and queued up for solo mode. You drop into the waiting area, like seriously you sky dive into the waiting area. When you are waiting for the match to start, you can run around and pick up weapons and random items. This is of course VERY reminiscent to the starting areas like PUBG and Fortnite. But at least you are doing something while you wait instead of just sitting in a boring menu screen. During this time I take the time to open the map, and man is it huge!


If you are familiar with past Call of Duty multiplayer maps then you may recognize some of the names of these locations. They actually had the brilliant idea of instead making random locations, to include some of the favorite multiplayer maps as landmarks and locations. This is truly brilliant, as every new area I went to was like a trip down memory lane. They actually have the zombies map “Verruckt” as a named location(Asylum). Also mentioning fan favorites, they have included all of fans favorite weapons and characters from across all of the Call of Duty series. You can even play as members from the original zombies series.

This is the original key art for “Verruckt”
Here is the image they had originally teased in trailers

After taking a look at the map I begin to explore while I waited for the game to start. I begin to pick up items and get a sense of how everything works. Items can be broken into different categories:

  • Weapons – These range from pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, smgs, and sniper rifles
  • Attachments – These can vary from extended mags to silencers, to sights and scopes
  • Consumables – This includes health items like bandages and medkits
  • Equipables – This includes backpacks and armor that ranges from level 1 to 3
  • Special Items – These include your basic grenades and molotovs. But there are also RC-XDs, Monkey Bombs, Grappling Hooks, Trip Mines, Throwing Tomahawks, and much more!

Finally once all eighty players were in, the match begins to countdown. Once it reaches zero, a voice comes on and says sternly “Time for Blackout.” We are then greeted with rows of helicopters flying over the vast map. I decided quickly that Array would be a great location, so I took the dive. You jump out of the helicopter and begin to skydive down to Earth at very high speeds. Once you get close enough to solid ground, your parachute will automatically deploy. And to my terror, I see a TON of parachutes deploying around me. So as soon as I land it is an all out sprint and hunt to find the weapons first. Now I have played a lot of PUBG, so shutting doors behind me is an automatic trigger. I run up the stairs of this small building and find a revolver and some bandages. In surrounding rooms I find some attachments including: laser sight, silencer or possibly extend barrel can’t remember, and a red dot right. After figuring out how to get everything situated, I hear a noise. Of course, it is the noise of the door opening downstairs. That is when the pressure begins to build up. I hear him run up the stairs and I peak the corner and let it unload. The cylinder is empty, and the enemy is dead. He was able to get some shots off before he died, however. That is when those bandages come in handy. I am hearing gunfire all around me. Blackout also has a circle that shrinks as the time goes down, similar to Fortnite and PUBG. Oh crap, I have to get into the circle. So I start contemplating, should I try to sneak out of here even though I do not know where the enemy is, or should I wait it out til it gets a little closer and everyone is gone. As I am making my decision I look out one of the windows and spot not to far off a ATV. Bingo, we’re going off roading. So I jump out the window and take off towards the ATV. As soon as I get close bullets begin flying my direction. I hop on and take off, taking a few shots as I swerve left and right to avoid the gunfire. After a little riding, I decide to stop at a small unnamed group of buildings. Here I stock up on assault rifles with attachments, some level 2 armor, and an awesome grappling hook. You know it is an unwritten rule in video games that when you get a grappling hook, you have to try it out. So I aim at the top of building and zoom up to the top. I feel like a discount Spiderman. After messing around for a while the circle is closing in again and I head off towards the middle. The total people alive is now 14, things are getting serious. I finally begin to roll up to the Train Station. As soon as I get close though, I am taking sniper shots from behind me. My spidey senses kicked in and told me to be smart and grapple up to the roof. I grapple up, dodging shots and feeling invincible. But that feeling was cut short when I finally touched the top of the roof and wild sniper bullet hit me right in my dome. My possible victory was cut short but for a first match it was awesome.


Blackout offers a totally new and refreshing experience that Call of Duty definitely needed. The mechanics of a battle royale mode work so well with Call of Duty, so much so that you would think it was made for it. I am impressed with what they are doing with Black Ops 4 and its new battle royale mode. Black Ops 4 releases on October 12th and if you need to preorder be sure to so you can get access to the Blackout beta! Links to preorder here:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Digital Deluxe- PS4 [Digital Code]

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Digital Deluxe Enhanced – PS4 [Digital Code]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Xbox One Standard Edition

Hope you guys enjoyed and thank you for taking the time to read! Be sure to follow for all the latest gaming news!


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