The Binding Of Issac Is Getting It’s Final DLC…

Edmund McMillen Is At It Again One Last Time…


The Binding of Issac is getting a surprise expansion, The Binding Of Issac: Repentance! This was officially announced on Edmund’s official twitter page, to the surprise of many. It was originally stated that Binding of Issac: Afterbirth+ was intended to be the final expansion for the Binding of Issac. However, Edmund just can’t get away from the game(which is okay because it is so amazing!). Here are the tweets that officially announced the expansion and all its details:

The more Binding of Issac stuff the better. If you have never played the game and enjoy rogue-likes than you should definitely give it a try! Steam Store Page


The Antibirth Mod

If you are unfamiliar with The Binding Of Issac than the name may throw you off. But this was a fan created mod that is now being officially added to the game. All the content in it as well is being tweaked to make it canon with all the twisted stories of The Binding Of Issac. The mod is a huge one though! I would list everything that is in this mod but it is a lot, so I will just include a picture of everything included from the official Antibirth Mod website:


That is a lot of stuff for a fan made mod! These guys are dedicated and I am so glad that their hard work is being paid off! Edmund is also going to include his own original new content as well for this expansion which makes the whole package even better! Here is a video showing some off-screen footage of the new expansion:

Honestly I cannot wait for this expansion. It does not have a release date yet but it should be coming out this year hopefully! I will for sure be covering it whenever it gets a release date and when it officially releases. Be sure to stick at DLGN for all gaming news!


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