Red Dead Redemption 2 Undead Nightmare II…What Are The Chances?

Will Rockstar Be Making a Sequel To The Popular Expansion For RDR1?

Rockstar has been very quiet with information regarding Red Dead Redemption 2. They recently tweeted out images of the Van Der Linde Gang members, but nothing much has come out of these recent teasers. So today I wanted to discuss the realm of possibility for a sequel of the extremely popular expansion, Undead Nightmare. Is it possible that Rockstar would release a sequel to this DLC? I think the possibility is definitely there for Rockstar to take advantage of.

The Original Expansion

The original Undead Nightmare was released and was received with a widespread love from gamers. The mode pitted our hero, John Marston, against an unknown plague that has turned his loved ones into fleshing eating monsters. So he is then set on finding a cure for this widespread disease that is zombifying the wild west. What I loved about this expansion is that it stayed true to zombie lore. I mean this in the sense that to kill a zombie you had to destroy the brain with a well-aimed headshot. This also made gameplay tougher than usual. The expansion was amusing and challenging, and you felt compelled to continue through it all to figure out what the root of all the evil was. Here is the trailer from the original Undead Nightmare, which was released almost eight years ago!

But where would Rockstar go with the next expansion? Rockstar is no stranger to diving into the weird and fantasy. I mean the original Undead Nightmare included zombies, the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, a Sasquatch, a Chupacabra, a unicorn, and of course a Jackelope. And remember that side mission in Grand Theft Auto V where you smoke weed and have to mow down aliens with a mini-gun? I remember playing this and just being in a state of utter confusion and amazement. Yeah, Rockstar likes to venture into the weird. But would they continue down the lane of the undead? Or would they possibly venture into a new realm? I could honestly see it going either way. I think a neat expansion would be based around aliens invading the wild west. I know it sounds silly, but trust me it would be amazing. Or maybe they go with vampires and werewolves? I think that would be an interesting path to take. You would then have to use special silver bullets to take out the werewolves and possibly have a wooden stake as a melee weapon! This is all speculation of course, no solid evidence of what they are doing or if they are doing anything has been revealed yet.

This was created by the amazing artist @viktomic! Be sure to visit his Tumblr Page!

What would you guys like to see as far as expansions go? Would you prefer multiplayer content or single player content? Let me know! Make sure to stay tuned here at DLGN for more gaming news!


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