Battlefield V Open Beta Impressions… Is It Good? Or Is the Series In Trouble?

Open Beta Is Live For Everyone, Go Give It a Try!

So with the release date moved for Battlefield V, the next logical step for EA is to have an open beta. This is a smart step, of course. Doing this not only test to make sure things work properly and smoothly, but gets people who are the fence to give it a try for free. This in turn could sway their opinion in favor to purchase. And at this point EA needs all the people they can due to preorders being extremely underwhelming. I do enjoy the Battlefield series from time to time. The last one I really put a huge amount of time into was Battlefield 4, due to Battlefield 1 just lacking the level of customization and arsenal that BF4 had(of course this was due to it being themed around WW1 so it made sense). But I figured, it’s a free open beta, why not give it a try? So now I am here to tell you my opinion about the Battlefield V open beta!


The Good of the Battlefield V Open Beta

The Battlefield series is known for their signature gun play that the series has. I feel the two main established FPS series, Call of Duty and Battlefield, both contradict each other nicely in terms of how gun battles play out. Call of Duty is of course more of a flick shooter, composing of quick gun battles in which whoever usually lands the first shot is the victor. On the other hand, Battlefield has a more drawn out gun play system. In Battlefield, you find yourself in more scenarios using cover and then returning fire when most opportune. I use the term ‘more realistic’ lightly but that is how to describe it really. But they are both different games with their different target audiences of course, who choose according to their preferred play style. Battlefield V however, has seemed to streamlined the two franchises together, still holding on to the series roots of game play. I loved how everything felt quicker, except dying and re-spawning but I will get to that later. Movement felt smooth and much more fast paced as when compared to Battlefield 1. They have also introduced a new crouching system in which you can sprint while crouching. This makes you be able to navigate around quicker while being smart as far as being spotted.


And on the note of spotting, Battlefield V is trying to re-innovate the system by changing 3D spotting. Now 3D spotting has been in previous Battlefields, but it was such a pain. It would basically completely highlight the enemy and place a big marker over that players head that reads “Please Shoot Me!”. This is an exaggeration of course, but that is how in your face the spotting mechanic was. And on top it, if you were the one who has been spotted, you were not alerted an any way that you had been spotted. So you where just a walking bulls eye if someone had just a glimpse of you and was able to press a single button to mark you. But thank goodness Battlefield V has decided to make some necessary changes. Now the only way to spot an enemy is if you are suppressing them or you use the scout class and use the binoculars to spot them. It also now only leaves a ‘last seen marker’ similar to Rainbow Six Siege spotting. This balances it out I believe and was the change that needed to happen.

robo arm

Gun play and animations are top-notch in Battlefield V. From being revived to reloading a weapon, every animation is smooth and fluid. And do I need to even discuss the graphics. They are absolutely gorgeous, even when everything is on fired and destroyed. Sometimes when the sun is shinning on metals it can look somewhat “oily” looking but it is still appealing to the eyes. One of the biggest additions to Battlefield V is the fortifications. Certain areas have a hammer icon and from those locations you can use a hammer to create cover on the fly at these spots. This fortification building is not limited to any particular class and I am truly glad it isn’t. I loved being able to create a barrier  and use it as cover to peak from and snipe unsuspecting enemies! I feel like Dice is really trying to innovate on the series and this is their way of doing it. They are making the necessary changes the series needs and I think Battlefield fans will love what they are doing with this next entry.

The Bad of the Battlefield V Open Beta

As someone who has spent a vastly larger amount of time playing Call of Duty as opposed to Battlefield, one thing I cannot stand is long respawn times. Now this is just a personal preference, so if you don’t mind waiting than you won’t have a problem. But when I die I just want to press a button and get right back into the game. Battlefield has a whole for me has always had this as a downside. Long respawn times to me have always burdened gameplay. But Battlefield V has decided to take this up another level with their new reviving mechanic. When you get shot down in Battlefield V, you know can call out for players to come revive you. Pressing a button, you will put out your hand and scream for somebody to come get you. This adds a lot to immersion, but slows down game play significantly. You can of course just hold down a different button to ignore it, but there is still a wait time to stop having a chance to be revived. Then on top of that you have to then wait to spawn in! And if you have the opportunity to be revived there is a whole animation that plays out with it and it just drags things out. But like I said previously, for immersion sake it is a very nice feature.


I don’t know if it was just me being bad, but the spawning locations felt very off. I would spawn in a location near the objective and just be gunned down instantly. Maybe my teams were just bad and so was I, but I was dying consistently without being able to even fire a single bullet. I also had a hard time with melee. I loved running around and stealing dog tags in Battlefield 3 & 4, but this time I could not get a single one. I would literally be standing behind them but I would just poke the person in the back. By me shanking them of course, they would then turn around and mow me down. This was happening consistently. Maybe I am just bad. This last issue was just something I noticed while I impatiently waited to spawn back in, but when viewing teammates while you are dead, they appear very low framed. This only occurred when viewing them, and everything just moved very choppy and could be very off-putting. It is a beta of course and all of this is subject to change.

Overall Verdict

Overall, Battlefield V is looking to change the series up by refreshing gameplay and mechanics. I am also interest to see how Dice handles the new battle royale mode they have announced for Battlefield V aswell. I believe Dice has done a very good job at keeping Battlefield at its roots, but making the changes the series needed to expand. If future Battlefield games makes these changes and EA stays on this path of free DLC and maps, I believe the franchise will be in no trouble anytime soon. Let me know what you guys think of the beta or if you even downloaded it! Be sure to stick here at DLGN for the latest news!


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