Fortnite’s Dusty Divot Has Had a Huge Update…

The Dinner Is Officially Opened

Man, things just keep changing in Fortnite. Like I have said previously, Epic is amazing at keeping their players guessing about what is coming out next for their hit game, Fortnite. With the newest patch released today, Epic has decided to give Dusty Divot a big renovation. They have decided to completely renovate the area to a new location called Dusty Diner. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.


I love what Epic does with Fortnite honestly. There is like a deep lore story going on in the background that you can choose to ignore but if you pay attention it’s awesome. The logo is also very clever, with it being a meteor crashing into the mug to make the coffee splash out. It’ll be interesting to see where Epic decides to take this place or any other locations on the map. Be sure to stick with DLGN for all the latest news!


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