Fortnite’s ‘The Getaway’ Mode and New Grappler Weapon Revealed….

PAX West Has Revealed A Ton Of New and Exciting Information

PAX West is upon us and all new kinds of information has been streamed out for us. Epic had a live stream at PAX West that revealed to us this new mode called ‘The Getaway’ and the all new grappler mobility weapon!


What Is ‘The Getaway’ Mode?

This new exciting mode for the “High Stakes’ event pits squads of four players on to the battle bus. The squads objective? Locate one of the four safes that has spawned as a supply drop on to the island randomly and get the Jewel located inside to one of the four escape vans. The first four teams to escape with the Jewel wins the game. I had a similar idea to this actually that I stated in my previous article covering the ‘High Stakes’ event. Here is a video that shows this new mode in action:

What Is the Grappler?

The Grappler is a new mobility item coming to Fortnite Battle Royale. This new item allows the player using it to shoot a plunger and grapple on to any object and propel themselves towards said object. This new item is going to be a total game changer! Can’t build that fast when battling ‘XxN00bwr3ckRxX’? Just grapple up to his building and get the jump on him while he is trying to build. Or just use it to sneak up on players who believe they are in a safe position as well. The versatility of this weapon is awesome and I cannot wait to see what amazing plays people make with it.

High Stakes Challenges

In the video above, the announcer states that there will be three challenges that correspond with the ‘High Stakes’ event. What these challenges are as of yet is unknown. I am just going to go out on a limb and say that they correspond with:

  1.  The Skins Seen In All Images
  2. The Backbling and Glider
  3. The Pickax and Spray

If you haven’t seen the new skins, backbling, glider, pickax, and spray than here is my article covering all of this information. This is just my assumption, but it would honestly make the most sense. Let me known what you guys think of this new mode and if you will be playing it! Make sure to stay tuned to DLGN for all your gaming news!


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