Fortnite’s New ‘High Stakes Event’ Skins and More Revealed…

Epic Is Bringing a Full Hand to the Table For This Event

Epic just revealed what the new ‘High Stakes Event’ skins will be. Let me tell you, these are very spicy skins. It is one skin but has four different variants that you can select from. Of course, each of these being an emblem from a deck of cards: Hearts, Clubs, Spades, Diamonds.


Along with this it has been revealed as well there will be a glider to go along with these skins!


A backbling as well, which I previously thought would be apart of the new mode.


And then finally it was revealed that there would be a pickax and spray to go along with everything as well.


This is very exciting information to be revealed. We still do not know what the new mode is but it will be revealed very soon. I wonder if these guys in the skin have anything to do with the purple cube of death that is moving across the map. It will be very exciting to see how everything plays out in the end! Let me know what you guys think of this new information and make sure to follow to keep up with all the latest news!


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