Fortnite Is Putting It All On the Line With New ‘High Stakes Event’…

Things Are Going To Be Getting Dicey In Fortnite

Epic is at it again, always trying to keep things fresh in the world of Fortnite. Today they have announced the new ‘High Stakes Event’ for Fortnite which will be adding several new things to the game. First of these is the addition of a new game mode called ‘Getaway’. We are not sure exactly what this game mode entails, but at 6:00PM Pacific time on August 31st, Epic will be doing a Live streaming event at PAX West to show more detail about this event. But from the image Epic tweeted out, it seems to be very interesting.


The skin featured will also be apart of this event. Whether it is obtainable via challenges or purchasing is unknown yet. But it is a very slick looking skin. The brief case he is holding may be a clue as to what this new mode is. Maybe there is a briefcase that lands somewhere and you have to try and get a hold of it before anyone else. It will act as a kind of keep away mode where you will have to fight and “getaway” from opponents and hold on to the briefcase as long as you can. This is just a theory, however. Only time will tell what it could be. Be sure to also check out my article on the giant purple cube traveling across the map in Fortnite. Let me know your ideas of what you think this new mode will be!


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