Fortnite Has Huge Changes Coming In v5.40…

Major Changes To The Storm and Other Parts of Fortnite Are Coming Soon

Epic is planning to make some huge changes to Fortnite with its newest update v5.40 coming soon. This news comes from Epic’s latest Dev Update posted on twitter:

Changes Coming With v5.40:

Storm Destruction

In the final phases of the circle, the storm edge will do damage to structures. Epic states that less than 10% of matches are effected by this or even make it that long. They hope this will make end games more dynamic and intense. They will await player feedback to see whether it stays in the game. I personally believe this is a very nice feature and will indeed make the game more dynamic towards the end of matches.

Weapon Vaulting

The revolver is being vaulted in Fortnite Battle Royale. This is due to Epic wanting to keep the weapon pool fresh and dynamic. Personally, I am okay with this as I would only ever use the revolver if it was the only weapon I had available at that time. Epic does state that this is not permanent and they are always looking for ways to improve and adapt upon existing weapons.

Item Update

With this newest update, Epic is adding a new mobility item that will allow for “creative expression” from the players. What this item is exactly is unknown. They will also be making changes to items including:

  • Remote Explosive Rarity: Rare –> Epic
  • Boogie Bomb Drop Sizes: 1 –> 2
  • Large Shield Stack Size: Maximum 2 –> 3

These changes are exciting and I believe will be good for overall gameplay. Epic knows exactly what they are doing with Fortnite so I trust when they make these changes. Epic also is one of the rare companies that truly listens to player feedback and will make changes if truly needed. Let me know what you guys think of this new update coming soon!


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