Domination: Earth Is Changing How We Play Mobile Games!

This Awesome Augmented Reality Strategy Game Is a Must Download on Your Mobile Device!

Have you ever heard of Geocaching? Geocaching is where you use your phone to discover real life points of interest where other people have hidden objects. Well I have recently discovered the mobile game for IOS/Android called Domination: Earth and it is like Geocaching on steroids!

DE July 2018.png

Domination: Earth was created by the awesome developers at Epic Dragon, and they continually update and add new features to the game. But what exactly is Domination: Earth? Domination: Earth is an augmented reality strategy game in which you must use your phone to navigate the real world and conquer the world around you. You must capture land surrounding you in order to build up a military dominance. The more land you capture the larger your army will grow, and with this army you can invade new, unmarked territory!

DE July 2018 - 5

Don’t feel like going into total war with your neighbors? No problem! You can create alliances and work together to fight off people trying to come into your land. Or you can even barter resources with them in order to get their land peacefully! The options for world domination are in your hands!

DE July 2018 - 4.png

I absolutely love what Domination: Earth is doing! It is creating a great and thriving community of people and getting people to go out and explore the world around them! To build new and cool buildings like military bases or even missile launchers you must collect resources. In order to find these resources you must use your phone to navigate the real world to random locations where these resources are located. I had fun exploring my local parks and places surrounding where I live in order to gain more resources. And before I left, I made sure to claim these new areas as my own!

DE July 2018 - 3 .png

One of the coolest features I’ve seen in any mobile game has to be the item scrapping mechanic. You can actually scan the bar codes of real world objects and turn them into scrap for crafting resources. This just shows how Domination: Earth is trying to change the way mobile games are played. Mobile games these days are the same old, boring games and no one is trying to innovate how we play games. But the people at Epic Dragon are doing just that. They are paving the road for a new generation of mobile gaming with Domination: Earth.

DE July 2018 - 4.png

Want to give Domination: Earth a go? You won’t regret it! Here are the links to download to game which is available for IOS and Android!

Android: Click Here For Android Download

IOS: Click Here For IOS Download

This game also has an awesome and growing community! Go ahead and join them and hear about all the latest news and updates coming to Domination: Earth!

Official Forums: Click Here To Access Official Forums

Official Discord: Click Here To Join Their Official Discord Channel

Official Website: Click Here To Visit The Official Website

Official Twitter: Go Tell Them How Awesome Their Game Is!

I do have to disclose that this was a paid sponsor but my words and opinions are all my own and were in no way, shape, or form swayed by the company. Be sure to download this game and see for yourself how awesome it is! Leave a comment if you downloaded the game and how you are liking it!



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