Fortnite’s New ‘Shockwave Grenade’ Could Be a Game Changer…

Fortnite’s New ‘Shockwave Grenade’ is Trying to Go The Distance

One of the most versatile and under used items in Fortnite is the impulse grenade. It can be used to launch yourself further to escape being lost to the storm, or to knock enemies off mountains to their untimely deaths. But Epic has added in a new item that looks to overshadow the impulse grenade. Say hello to the Epic rarity, ‘Shockwave Grenade’, the impulses better half.

This grenade seems to be made of the crystals that were introduced when the meteor originally struck dusty depot. From what has been shown, this grenade has several improving factors over the impulse grenade including:

  1. Higher Jump Boost
  2. No Fall Damage After Use
  3. Can Launch Enemies and Players Through Buildings

It will be very interesting to see how players use this new item and if Epic plans to keep the impulse grenade in. Epic usually leaves the items in for a while before deciding if a removal is necessary. Do you guys think this is going to be the new replacement for Impulse Grenades? Be sure to comment how you feel about this new addition to Fortnite!



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