Fortnite Matchmaking Is Going To Have A Big Change…

Epic Is Trying To Level the Playing Field

Fornite’s matchmaking system has been a relatively simple one. It matchmakes with people of the same systems(Ex. PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch, Mobile, Etc). However, Fortnite does offer crossplay so you, who is playing on PC, can enjoy the game with your friends who are on other systems. This system seems pretty fair doesn’t it? But there are some users out there who have learned that you can actually use mouse and keyboard on PS4 and Xbox. This gives them a huge advantage over controller users. Not to say that a person using a controller cannot be better than someone using mouse and keyboard, but most will agree the game is better with a M + KB. So what is Epic to do to deter this unfair advantage amongst players?


In Epic’s August State of Development notes, they addressed how they will be managing this problem. Epic will now be introducing Input-Based Matchmaking to Fortnite. Here is a direct quote from the development notes explaining how this will work:

We have an upgrade to our matchmaking logic that will allow for a more even playing field when enjoying Fortnite with your input device of choice. In an upcoming release we’ll be implementing input based matchmaking, which will pair you against players who are using the same peripherals (e.g. controller vs controller, KB+M vs KB+M).

Let’s break that down:

  • If anyone in your party uses a mouse and keyboard on console, you will be matchmade with PC players and other KB+M players (as if you partied up with a PC player).

The current crossplay rules still apply. For example, partying up with a PC player will always put you in a PC pool, regardless of your input type. -Epic Development Notes

This is a great addition to the game and much need quality of life improvement. But let’s be honest, we are still going to be wrecked by “XxIfckUrMomxX” no matter what they add. Epic is always on top when it comes to putting in additions that players have requested. In another article I did, Epic allowed players to Thank The Bus Driver In Fortnite Battle Royale. As season 5 is coming to an end it will be interesting to see what else Epic has planned for Fortnite Battle Royale. If you enjoyed be sure to leave a like and a comment on how you feel about this new update to matchmaking!


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