Fortnite’s Purple Cube of Death Is On the Move…

The Almighty Cube Is Moving!

What is honestly happening in Fortnite right now? First Lord Tomato Head is requiring sacrifices to his temple, and now lightning strikes are creating Giant Purple Cubes of death from out of nowhere. What a season this has been. This giant purple cube has left many players confused as to what could possibly be happening. Touching the cube actually bounces players like an impulse grenade would. Smacking the Almighty Cube causes the player to bounce even higher. But whatever you do, do not shoot the Almighty Cube. This will only anger it.

All kinds of theories have been flying around about the meaning of why this cube is here. But out of nowhere today the Almighty Cube actually moved. Yep, it is moving. But where is it moving to? Some datamining has revealed some interesting information about what this cube may be doing.

Cube Loot Lake.jpg

People believe that this cube will be moving a total of 7 times during the rest of season 5. This movement will cause it to end up in Loot Lake. But what is it going to do there? We are not sure yet, but whatever it is will probably not end up well for Loot Lake. This is all still just one of many theories.

purple cube

But one user who goes by Dean on Twitter believes he has figured out exactly where this cube is heading. Here is his video showing exactly where he believes this Almighty Cube will be heading.

Things just keeping getting weirder and weirder in Fortnite. But I love it none the less. There is no company out there right now that keeps its players guessing more than Epic does. No matter where this Almighty Cube ends up, it’s probably going to end in some destruction. If you enjoyed be sure to leave a like and comment what you think is going to happen with this cube!


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