CyberPunk 2077’s First Gameplay Reveal Looks Amazing

The Future is looking Slick and Modified!

Holy cow. This is not a drill, CD Projekt Red just demoed their upcoming futuristic, narrative , open world, RPG title, Cyberpunk 2077, on their official twitch stream and it looks amazing! They have been broadcasting for hours with a weird cryptic message, but finally the mystery behind it has been revealed!

This is what was being live streamed for over 9 hours, minus the cyberpunk logo.

The demo beings with them showing off character customization. Due note however, everything shown is early footage and subject to change. In the demo, they decided to play as a girl but the choice will be up to you when it releases. After selecting your gender you actually choose what your back story is. The choices you make here will determine how the game plays out for you. This is a really interesting option and it will be nice to see how this will affect the overall game in the end. Next they show off the actual customization options for your character. These options include body type, hairstyle, tattoos, makeup, skin tone, and much more. After this you will decide how you want your attributes to be. You start off with fifteen points and can put these points into six different categories:

  1. Strength
  2. Constitution
  3. Intelligence
  4. Reflexes
  5. Tech
  6. Cool

These are some interesting options and hopefully overtime we will learn how these attributes will correlate into game play. But for now I’m just going to stick with maxing out my Cool Stats. Here is a video showing off the new character creation system:

They also discuss how there will be a fluid class system in Cyberpunk 2077, which you will be able to modify throughout the entire game.


The game starts out near the beginning of the game. The main character and some of her partners have been hired to find a missing girl who has a locator implant inside of her that has gone dark. The scene begins with a cut scene of our character which we customized and a big burly man, named Jackie, exiting an elevator. The switch from cut scene to game play here is flawless and fluid. Right off the bat the game looks beautiful. The HUD is almost nonexistent except for our mission objective up in the right hand corner and our health and comms in the upper left hand corner. Cyberpunk 2077 is a first person shooter which is very different than what CD Projekt Red is used to do doing. The choice for first person was to insure maximum immersion within with world of Cyberpunk 2077.

cyberpunk girl.jpg

We finally reach the target objective in a closed off room which we have to hack to get into. On a table is a girl whose stomach has been carved open, revealing a mixture of organs and mechanical parts. They decide that this is not the girl and is instead just a decoy. The narrator clues us in that a gang of scavengers are kidnapping people and harvesting their implants for profit. We then get our first glimpse of how stealth take downs work. Our character sneaks up behind an unsuspecting enemy and forces his head under the water of the tub he is standing in front of. We then put our gun to the side of his temple and pull the trigger, suppressing to noise of the shot. That is when things begin to kick off. We take a reflex booster syringe to let us use an ability that allows us to slow down time and use a quick dodge. You can use this ability to either make a move on the enemy and open fire or to retreat quickly to a better form of cover. We enter an open room and get into a giant gun fight with some low-level gang members. Bullets are flying and enemies are dying as well smoothly transition between cover and shooting and being to flank around the room. One of the last enemies runs off into a room and locks himself in there. He than begins firing blindly through the wall, leaving holes as each bullet passes through the wall. We use our new ability to dodge backwards and miss the barrage of bullets coming our way.

shoot through wall

It also is worth noting that the level of destruction seen to far is very impressive. At one moment in time during the shootout, our character shoots a pillar and pieces crumble and break off as the bullet penetrates through the concrete.


The gunfire is becoming too much to handle though. As our hero’s are running out of options, our Comms member, TBug, scans the area and reveals a window to the left we can access to flank the gang boss. We enter the window and get a flank on the enemy in this closed off room. We open fire and this causes a distraction in which Jackie rushes in and tackles the gang boss. Jackie throws some banter and picks up the weapon the gang boss was holding. They then enter the last room in which they believe our missing girl is located in. Once entered we can see a giant bath tub filled with ice and a couple of bodies. In the pile of these bodies is our missing girl. TBug asks us how she is doing and we are greeted with several options in which to respond. We choose to check with our biomonitor, and pull a cable out of our arm(which is our biomonitor) to sync into her vitals. The bio monitor is than jammed by a virus which is in a chip located on the side of her head that we have to remove. Once this is removed it signals the trauma units to come pick this women up to be rushed to the hospital. Only thing is, its going to take 180 seconds for them to get there. Here we are offered two choices. We can pick the girl up and have Jackie cover us, or Jackie can pick her up and we can cover him. This is very neat to see and I wonder what other options will be offered throughout the rest of the game. The trauma team arrives and immediately begin stabilizing the patient and get her ready for evac. Just as soon as they got there, they were out of there.


This is just the first 8 minutes of this 48 minute game play demo. So far from what we have seen, Cyberpunk 2077 looks to be a very ambitious game with a ton to offer in its open world. If you wish to watch the full game play demo here it is:

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