‘Wrongworld’ Made Me Fall In Love With Open World Survival Games Again

This Game Is Like ‘Minecraft’ But On A Lot of LSD

One of the first video games that I truly loved was Minecraft. I remember discovering it by watching the Yogscast Lewis & Simon when they did their first island survival series. This was over seven years ago! I remember watching it and being blown away that you could create absolutely anything. I have a huge imagination, so my mind began instantly racing with ideas of castles and giant buildings. I ended up buying it and played the crap out of it for weeks. I would come home from school and just play Minecraft. All my friends played, so we discussed our adventures and discoveries together. It was a magical time. But after seven years the charm of Minecraft has worn off. Since playing it for who knows how long, my love for Minecraft has faded away. I still love Minecraft and always will due to it holding a special place in my heart. It just seems tedious now and is longer engaging. I did not think I was searching for a replacement of a good open world survival game until I found Wrongworld.


Wrongworld is an open world survival game where you play as a furry hero trying to get home after crashing on an alien Planet. Due note however, I compare to minecraft on the level of open world, survival, and crafting. Although there is alot to craft in Wrongworld, you cannot build block by block buildings. Wrongworld is randomly generated, so every new play-through is a new experience. The size of the map is actually very grand and with multiple biomes, terrain truly does feel random. It is also crazy to believe this was all created by only one developer. Only one! He goes by SludjGames and he is the sole developer of Wrongworld. He is very dedicated to this game, posting consistent updates and patches to Wrongworld which just came out of early access on Steam. Speaking of which, he just updated the game with a big update and Wrongworld is 30% off but goes back to full price on September 7th. Go pick it up, you wont regret it!

Wrongworld 2.jpg

My first In-Game Night Is Probably One of the Most Wild Experiences I’ve Had in a Game.

I went into this game completely blind. I have seen it occasionally on my steam recommendation, but had never jumped the gun. From what I had seen via screenshots and reviews it seemed to be very interesting. So I went ahead and just bought it. So glad I did! My first in-game night is probably one of the most wild experiences I’ve had in a game. I loaded into the game and was greeted with a basic tutorial explaining the controls. I was then prompted to go and chop down a tree, no big deal. I approach the tree and see where its says how to chop down the tree. Of course you start with absolutely nothing. So I figure, “Okay, he will just punch the tree until it breaks and get the materials. Nope. Our furry hero begins slamming his head into the tree! I burst out laughing at this. After chopping my first tree, I approach a giant boulder and begin to do the same. Our hero is just a little champ, continuously slamming his head into objects for the sole purpose of creating new items.


It is the strangest looking snake I have ever seen in my life and it is trying to body slam me to death.

That’s when I see my first enemy. It is the strangest looking snake I have ever seen in my life and it is trying to body slam me to death. I realized at this moment that Wrongworld is no ordinary game. I begin to have a punch out battle with this snake, ninja dodging his body slams. After several continuous punches , I conquered my first enemy. Every time you hit an enemy, words like “Pow”, “Boom”, etc appear above the enemy. It is small details like this that give Wrongworld a unique charm that separates itself from other games in its genre. After defeating this enemy I notice some brown pig-like animals and begin punching them as well. I receive some meat as a reward for slaughtering these poor things. I look into creating a fire camp since it is beginning to become night-time. The cartoony sun then shifts to what looks like a hand drawn moon. I relax by my fire as the shift from night to day dawns upon me. But something interesting over the hill catches my eye. What could this strange thing be?


I approach what seems to be a boxing ring. I am so confused at this point by what is actually happening in this game. So with my curiosity peaked, I enter the boxing ring. The bells ding and the round begins. A small wooden man appears in the corner and is approaching my direction. So it makes sense that I begin to start punching the crap out of this guy. I defeat waves and waves of enemies, with each wave becoming even more difficult. More squiggly snakes, some strange boulder guys with their tongues hanging out , some xenomorph looking monster making chicken noises, and the elusive Yeti enter the ring with me. I eventually was over run and couldn’t keep up with all the enemies. I died before the night ended and was left stunned by what had just unfolded. I haven’t felt like this since the early Minecraft days.


The great thing about Wrongworld’s is that it never takes it self seriously.

I have only just begun my endeavors into the wild world of Wrongworld. I will eventually do a review once I feel that I have experienced a good portion of what the game has to offer. As of now, every time I play I am experiencing something new. Long story short, Wrongworld is an amazingly charming game that actually has a lot of depth to it. The great thing about Wrongworld is that it never takes it self seriously. All these survival games are trying to hard to reach a peak of realism. This can begin to dull game-play by forcing in mechanics that take away from what makes games truly fun. Wrongworld offers something completely new to this genre and I cannot wait to see where the developer decides to take it! If you enjoyed be sure to follow and leave a comment letting me know what you thought!


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