Biomutant Is Going To Blow Your Mind..

I remember when I first saw the Biomutant trailer. I was instantly grasped by this little kung-fu, ninja, gunslinger, mutant fox creature. Tell me a game where all of those adjectives apply to a fox like creature, I will wait. For me Biomutant was love at first sight. Biomutant is an open world RPG in which you play as a genetically mutated animal who can change its genetic code to gain super abilities or attributes. Sounds cool? Trust me, it is.


The first gameplay from Gamescom 2017 showed off a lot of information about this game. Of the most important features it offers is a deep character creation system. When you create your character, there are so many stats that go into how your character will play.


As you change these stats your character is changing as well. Size and appearance can be altered drastically by the attributes you chose to select. You then can change your fur style and length, as well as primary fur color and detail color. As your changing these attributes, you actually produce a new genetic code for that character you build. You can re-spec your character at anytime by going to a bio hazard pool located throughout the open world. It’ll be interesting to see if you can share this genetic code and others can use it to make a character similar to yours.


The story of Biomutant seems like a simple one. The Tree of Life is dying due to a plague, causing it to bleed death. All the tribes of the biomutant world have been divided and it is up to you to either unite the tribes or take them down. The end goal however, is to destroy the plague and save the Tree of Life so everything doesn’t just shrivel up and die. The tribes will be an interesting aspect of the game. There are six tribes and each tribe will supposedly have a certain look and combat style. As you go throughout the game, you can complete quest to either befriend a tribe, or just destroy them. It will be interesting to see the replayability of this and how it will ultimately affect the end game.


On the topic of the game’s story, this game is unique in the fact that it is actually entirely narrated. There is voice that narrates as things are playing out wether it be story wise or during combat. I have seen that A LOT of people are annoyed with the narrator already. It does make sense though. He will make sharp witty comments during combat or just random one liners and that can get tiresome quickly. The developers have responded with the ability to change the frequency of the narrator or to possibly turn him off completely. This will make a great deal of people happy.


There is also a rocket fist that you can use to pummel your enemies into the ground

Let’s jump to something that makes Biomutant really stand out. It’s combat system. This combat system is a fast, free-flowing system that allows you play how you want. The developers want to let the player choose how they want to play, so at anytime you can switch from melee, to shooting, then to ability use. The choice is yours on how you want to handle combat. Weapons can actually be randomly generated as well. Right now there is over 500,000 combinations of weapons you can have. Those are very impressive numbers. Guns and weapons can have a multitude of attributes to them. You can have weapons with elemental abilities like shock damage, fire damage, frost damage, hazard damage, etc. Melee weapons can also range from slice, pierce, crush damage. Guns come in the form of pistols to rifles of all sorts of shapes and sizes. There is also a rocket fist that you can use to pummel your enemies into the ground. What you want is ultimately up to you.


There will also be a range of mounts and vehicles you can use to traverse this giant open world. Some of these vehicles are actually required in order to progress to new parts of the map. You also have abilities that allow you to traverse the world easier as well. These abilities are not required to open new parts of the map. However, they may allow you to reach secrets that are hidden throughout the world. The abilities seen so far range from being able to create mushrooms you can bounce on to being able to create a bubble around your character and roll over enemies. This game is going to be crazy! The vehicles seen so far are awesome as well. We’ve seen gliders, giant robo-mechs, flying ships, mechanical hands you can flick enemies with, jetpacks, and riding on the back of a larger creature.


This game is going to be amazing. I love what the developers are doing with Biomutant. This game really seems like a work of passion. The changes from Gamescom 2017 to Gamescom 2018 really shows that the developers care about this game. Biomutant is set to release in the summer 2019 and I cannot wait to dive into this game!


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