Why I Am Canceling My Movie Pass

What Was Once A Great Deal Seems More Like a Scam Now

I remember when I first heard of the MoviePass. My mind was blown that there was a service out there that would let me see an unlimited amount of movies for only $9.95 a month! When you consider that one ticket where I live cost $13, MoviePass seemed like a no-brainer. And for a while it was a great deal. But then things began to go steadily down hill. Well when I stay steadily, I mean it just snowballed into a giant ball of hot trash.


The idea of MoviePass is simple. Open the app, and choose your theater and movie. Thirty minutes before the movie starts you can check in as long as you are within 100 feet of the theater. When you check in, they load your MoviePass card with the money in order to buy the ticket. You buy the ticket and, boom, you’re in. But what happens if you can’t check in because the app decides not to work? This is something that happened to me and was my first unhappy encounter with MoviePass. So there I am, standing IN the theater I chose for my movie trying to check in. Alas, the MoviePass app tells me I’m not inside the theater. So I try everything you can think of to fix it. Turn location off and back on, make sure the app has permission to use my location, turn the phone off and on, etc. Nope, a very frustrated me huffs in annoyance to the lack of corporation of the app. It is now only five minutes before the movie starts and I try to get a hold of support to address this issue. I read that MoviePass will reimburse you if their app doesn’t work so I am like “Great” and I buy my ticket. Finally support gets to me fifteen minutes later. I tell them my issue and they give me the usual do A, B, C and if that doesn’t work than we do something else. Eventually, I explain that I had to buy my ticket or I would have missed my movie that all my family(who also used their MoviePass to get in) where going to see. Customer support says “Sorry Boss, can’t refund you because we didn’t tell you to buy the ticket before you did lol, you wasted your own money.”(they didn’t say this exactly but it was similar) and I am very frustrated.


But then things got even worse. MoviePass decided to change their whole business model. Basically, they took away unlimited movies and replaced it with only three movies and month and anything pass three you got $5 off that movie. They also took away peak pricing, which was only on the newest and most popular movies. Peak pricing made it to where on select movies you had to pay out-of-pocket on top of what was loaded on your MoviePass card in order to buy the ticket. I am glad they did this, but it has had consequences. They have severely limited the amount of big titles that are playing throughout the week. For example, I wanted to go see the Meg this week. It was only available on Monday. And of course, I was busy of Monday. So now if I want to see the Meg I have to either wait til its back on the app and hope I am not busy that day, or just buy the ticket out-of-pocket thus making the MoviePass pointless. I just checked the app today and their are only two movies playing today, both of which I have never heard of. This new business model may be saving them money but it is hurting there members, and that is why I am canceling my membership. It does not seem that their best interest are in the viewers but instead it is in their pockets. Unless they drastically change their model, I will not recommend anyone becoming a MoviePass holder.


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